NexGen offers innovative, cost-effective lightweight composite structural panels for a variety of commercial, industrial and military applications. 

We deliver complete composite panel solutions including design, engineering, manufacturing, outfitting and testing. Let us show you how NexGen can help make your project a success.


The cost-effective, structural composite panel solution for portable shelters, containers, buildings, trucks and trailers.

composite FSCS shelter

  • Designed to meet ASTM E-1925 and MIL-STD-810 standards.
  • Available in ½” to 3” thickness and in sizes up to 10’ x 55.’
  • Custom panels available to meet ASTM E-84 fire rating and EMI/RFI shielding requirements.


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A state of the art composite panel offering excellent fire resistance.

Beryl bravo oil and gas platform

  • Designed to meet ISO 9705 and the US Navy’s stringent fire, smoke and toxicity (FST) requirements.
  • Available in 1/2” to 3” thickness and in sizes up to 10’ x 20.’
  • Suitable for portable shelters and buildings for oil & gas platforms, shipbuilding, coal mine shelters and other fire-critical applications.

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A state of the art composite insulated panel.

Refrigerated Container

  • Designed for refrigerated containers and semi-trailers.
  • Available in 1-1/2” to 4” thickness and in sizes up to 10’ x 10.’
  • Offers R values over 30 per inch and high fastener retention strength.

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